snail legs

About a shapeshifter who is trans and afraid
Two lonesome merfolk find companionship in eachother
a short zine about gender
A dragon and a prince form a partnership (24 hour comic 2021 & mini comic 2023)
short 6-page comic for selkie september 2021!
a short comic about a newly-discovered changeling child
A pair of rebellious dreamers attempt to escape the factory they’ve grown up in!
A mysterious hound haunts the mountains...
yet another sketchbook <3
new year new sketchbook!
sketchbook full of OC doodles~
​my hourlies from hourly comics day 2022 :-)​
(of the alex otherwise known as snail-legs)
a zine about making zines that I made for college!
comics from hourly comics day 2021!
24 hour comic from 2020
a zine about going into power-saving mode during periods
coping with my gender feelings + beginning to accept them
24-hour comic from 2019

Other projects my art is in!